Legal support of Companies’ day-to- day activities

 Legal support of the company may be more precisely defined as legal support of the activities of a company throughout its lifetime. While performing various business activities a company may face different legal needs and problems. You may need to amend your constituent documents, to merge with the other organization, change name of your business entity etc.

You also have a necessity to draw up and check the wide range of the agreements into which your company enters. It may be employment agreements, services agreements, sale and purchase agreement and contracts, buy and sell agreements.

Besides you may also need to structure transactions, to conduct legal review (examination) of documents. We are ready to provide all of these services to our clients or to the companies which have an intention to become our clients. We may also provide you with legal support through the lifetime of your company as well as on the initial stage of its foundation with the following handover of responsibilities to your corporate lawyer in case you company will acquire one.

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