Attorneys of Moscow City Bar "Capital Counsel" provide you with services of the legal protection before courts.

This protection is subdivided into three elements:
• Assistance in preparation and preparation of the court-related procedural documents on all stages of the judicial procedure;
• Representation of your interests before the arbitrary courts (courts that deal with disputes between legal entities – not to be mixed with arbitrage!);
• Support of judicial act implementation.

Our attorneys conduct the primary legal review of documents, produce the legal opinion and determine the strategy of the dispute resolution. We assist you in pre-judicial procedure of dispute settlement (which includes complaint procedure) if it is be possible. We prepare all forms of application to the court such as court claim or appeals (appellate, cassational, supervisory). We also prepare all other documents directly or indirectly connected to the case: application of judicial act interpretation, application of additional actions undertaking, challenges, application to qualifications college of judges and injunction applications.

Attorneys of our law office are always ready to consult you on the questions concerning different procedural possibilities and guaranties such as counter-claim, dormancy, adjournment of proceeding, dismissing of the case, determination of proceeding, deferral of state duty payment and etc. We represent your interests before arbitrage courts of all instances; assist you in dispute settlement with the usage of conciliation procedures, representation in appellate, cassational, supervisory instances, revision (rehearing) of the case upon discovery of new facts.

We also help you on the stage of judicial act implementation.