Our attorneys provide assistance in drafting procedure documents throughout the trial, represent your interests in the courts of general jurisdiction, as well as provide court order enforcement if the situation demands so.

Depending on the peculiarities of the given task, our attorneys study the facts of the case, state the legal position to match our client's interests and implement it with the most suitable strategy available for the problem at hand. Should the client choose to opt for alternative dispute resolution, our litigators are always there to address their legal matters.

Our lawyers draft all documents to be presented before the court e.g. the statement of claim, appeals, claims for judicial review and other documents directly or indirectly connected to the case: motions for judicial act interpretation, additional remedy, motions to recuse a judge, complaints to judicial qualifications panel and collateral documents.

We are always ready to consult on possible strategies during court proceedings such as counterclaim, temporary suspension, adjournment of proceedings, dismissal of the case, discontinuance of proceedings, deferral of judicial fees etc. Our lawyers provide assistance in conciliation, appeals and case revision.

We represent interests of our clients in courts at all levels.