Denis V. Pronkin

Attorney-at-law (reg. ¹77/13981 in register of attorneys of Moscow city)
Tel. (495) 223-9170
Mob. (903) 206-7864



Russian Ñustoms Academy (RCA), speciality - jurisprudence, qualification       – lawyer.

Legal experience more than 10 years.


Professional skills:

  • qualified defence of suspects` and defendants` interests in criminal cases;
  • legal assistance while investigating cases over road traffic accidents;
  • representation of interests of victims, witnesses and civil claimants in the criminal proceedings in all stages;
  • resolution of customs disputes of any complexity;
  • representation of interests in law enforcement authorities;
  • training the client (their employees) on grounds of the basic principles of behavior while investigating various legal actions (raids, interrogations, etc.);
  • representation of interests in courts of common law at any stage of legal proceedings;
  • defence in  administrative cases;
  • carrying out of mediation procedure;
  • preparing contracts, requests, claims, complaints, statements, petitions and other documents;
  • advising in the area of criminal, administrative and customs law.

Have experienced in:

Denis V. Pronkin have been carrying out a successful law practice since 2005. He started his professional activity in the customs authorities, continued in the department of economic security and the investigative branches of the Russian Federation Ministry of the Interior, where he specialized in investigating of economic and common orientation crimes.