Anton V. Lyaskovsky

Attorney at law (registration number 77/16305 in the Moscow attorney's register)

Mobile phone+7(926)406-77-33

Experience in the following categories of cases:
Anton Lyaskovsky has successfully practiced law since 2004. He began his professional career in the investigative bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, continued in the Investigative Committee of Russia, where he specialized in the investigation of economic crimes and tax crimes. He headed the legal and contract services of enterprises of the military-industrial complex.

North Caucasus State Technical University, specialty - jurisprudence, qualification - lawyer.

Professional focus:
• Qualified protection of the interests of suspects and accused persons at the stages of preliminary investigation and trial, both in criminal cases of economic and general criminal orientations;
• representing victims, witnesses and civil plaintiffs at all stages of criminal proceedings;
• representation of interests in courts of general jurisdiction at any stage of the judicial process;
• representation of interests in all law enforcement agencies;
• protection in cases of administrative offenses;
• representation of interests in the Federal Antimonopoly Service;
• consultations of the client’s employees on the basics of conduct during various investigative actions (searches, interrogations, etc.);
• implementation of the mediation procedure;
• preparation of contracts, requests, claims, complaints, applications, petitions and other documents;
• consultations in the field of criminal and administrative law, as well as antimonopoly legislation.