Defense in economy-related criminal cases

The legislation of the Russian Federation applicable to the activities of legal entities is extensive and it must be admitted far not always friendly in relation to said entities. On the one hand assistance to small- and middle-scale business is declared as one of the main purposes of the government. The government proclaims wide range of assistance measures to those who show economic initiative. In context of this policy the President of the Russian Federation suggested to reduce the number of planned and non-planned inspections of the activities of small- and middle-sized businesses.

On the other hand Russia is far behind in comparison with the leading economies by ease of business start-up and operating, as well as ease of winding-up process indexes. Almost every businessman, director or incorporator repeatedly encounters numerous inspections of different control and law-enforcement bodies. In addition the information about some legislative initiatives which in case of their implementation will harm the small- and middle-scale businesses appear from time to time. Such initiatives may easily lead to the disappearance of small and medium-sized businesses or to adoption of so-called “grey” schemes of work.

Our lawyers are ready to consult our clients how to behave in the situation of inspections, which documents and in what order they must be given to the public authorities to avoid undesirable consequences. Undesirable consequences may assume not only the form of administrative responsibility (usually penalties) but also may lead to initiation of a criminal case. In accordance to the criminal law of the Russian Federation there are following criminal offences in economic sphere: tax crimes; fraud in economic sphere; illegal entrepreneurship; money laundering; premeditated bankruptcy; fictitious bankruptcy; delinquency in customs payments; illegal trafficking.

Unfortunately the lack of flexibility of our legislation leads to abuses and usage of a criminal prosecution as an instrument of an unfair competition and corruption. As opposed to administrative cases in this case businessmen need to get a timely and effective assistance of a professional attorney.

Our staff is ready to provide you with all the necessary and qualified help in financial crime cases.